Reynoldo Lopez Unit, Edinburg Texas
Jubilee Weekend
Inside Volunteer Team Details

WEEKEND DETAILS - Please note Team Training Dates Below!
About: The Lopez Unit is a men's state jail with over 1,000 inmates most of whom are serving sentences of 5 years or less. It is located at 1203 El Cibolo Road, Edinburg, TX 78542 (see map)
Dates: July 20-22, 2018, and Saturday July 28, 2018
Times: We will meet at the unit each morning at 6:15 am - we will not meet at the church. We will finish on Friday and Saturday at approximately 8:00 pm. We will finish on Sunday at approximately 5:00 pm. On Saturday October 21 we will meet at the Unit (not the host church!) at 7:00 am and will be finished by 12:00 pm.
Host Church: TBD
What: Two very important team training dates for the inside team.
Where: TBD
Download: Your volunteer personal preparation checklist here
Commencement: You do NOT need to sign up for commencement if you are on the Inside Volunteer Team.
Login to the Volunteer Portal for team downloads, training and more!
Contact Information: If you have any problems during the weekend, you can contact the Jubilee main number at (713) 364-5530. A volunteer will be monitoring this number throughout the Jubilee weekend.
The Inside Volunteer Team will meet at the front door of the Lopez Unit on Friday morning, July 20 at 6:15 am.
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